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Introduction: You just can’t wing-it

I’ve learned one thing about human nature: people will surprise you. No matter how much you think you know about human nature, someone will come along with a character trait you would never have imagined.

That person, of course, will be one of your journalists who you must direct and utilize as a productive member of your team. That’s your job.

In addition, there are pressures coming from other departments. Everyone is trying to influence the news and its presentation. Furthermore, news requires the delicate art of collaboration — collaboration with other teams, media partners and other departments within your organization.

These are all internal issues, but there is also a set of external pressures coming from viewers, readers, news sources, civic leaders, government officials and advertisers.

Yes, newsroom leaders are hit with dilemmas from all directions. Everyone looks to you to set an example, and everyone hangs onto your every word, whether you think so or not. You can’t just wing-it; leadership takes thought.

I have created this site as what I hope will be a helpful resource for news media managers, and also as a way news leaders can share their experiences and learn from one another. I hope you find it useful.

John Gregory

Content director and publisher

Newsroom Leader

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