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John Gregory - Writing Samples




KItties and Coffee

Pasta in pizza bowls: Now that’s Italian!

Behind the scenes at ShamROCK

Swift boats and firefights

Amazing, unusual acts grace the Busker Festival

Custom piñatas: Take a swing at COVID-19

Pappalecco celebrates 10 years in Little Italy

Scripps Ranch has a garden of wisdom

Yanni’s is a local favorite

Halloween House

The ‘Willow Dude’

Erin Hanson Gallery opens Red Rock Show

It’s the bomb in the bath tub

Being a father takes lots of energy



Downtown's hidden treasures


Endless summer


Former Miss America


FX Academy Awards


Haunted Houses


Russian Space Station Mir


Starting The Vietnam War


The Westgate Hotel





News, Business & Sports:


The state of security

SDPD chief reflects on achievements

Speaker delivers powerful message

Bob Dingeman’s military career

Life goes on

New Farmer’s Market is poised to open May 20

Popular rock garden vanishes overnight​

Strength, Courage and Faith

Local mom’s group arranges playdates

Bank robbery


Do the electric ride


Accusations fly as relationship ends


New San Diego Central Library


Resident Jumps


Retail target females look for a fashion fix on Garnet Avenue


SPEED DEMONS Thunder on the bay


Star Surfing Co closes after 30 laid back years


Trendy street remains a shopping hot spot



Columns & Commentaries


Some vets I have met

911 Anniversary Commentary


Beach Alcohol Ban Commentary


Cityside Saga, Downtown News - December 20, 2002


Cityside Saga, Downtown News - November 28, 2002 


Cityside Saga, Downtown News December 26, 2002


Editor's Journal - December 2002


To recall or not to recall; that is the question


The free community paper remains relevant and effective


The Beacon celebrates 20 years full of news


A night with the homeless




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