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Safety & Security: Sports director survives shooting, returns to work

CBS News 8 KFMB sports director Kyle Kraska.

Kyle Kraska, the sports director for CBS News 8 KFMB in San Diego, returned to the set March 11, nearly a month after being ambushed and shot six times as he was backing out of his home driveway Feb. 10 on his way to work.

Kraska’s accused attacker, Mike Montana, is in custody facing charges of attempted murder. Montana allegedly shot Kraska as a result of a disagreement over payment for a paint job on Kraska’s home.

Although the motive had nothing to do with Kraska’s broadcasting career, it’s a reminder that media personalities are not invulnerable to violent crime.

On the night of his return broadcast, Kraska delivered a heartfelt thank you to San Diego well-wishers in addition to his neighbors who descended on the crime scene to administer life-saving first aid moments after the shooting.

The Emmy Award-winning Kraska hosted “Hard Copy” before joining KFMB in 1999.

CBS News 8 KFMB sports director Kyle Kraska’s bullet ridden car sits in the driveway of his San Diego home. Kraska (inset) survived the attack and returned to work March 11.

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